Revolutionize the way you work.

I'm Krys - I am an org transformation and innovation consultant.

Millions of people dread going to work everyday - they're frustrated about the lack of transparency, struggling for autonomy, and fighting to surface their most creative ideas. I believe that we can make work, work for people.

The world that we live and work in is constantly changing - We need to be innovative, to embrace new and unique skill sets, be a learning and agile culture, and attract and maintain millennial talent. We all agree, but it may seem impossible to achieve. The good news is: it is possible.

The shift can happen inside of your team and organization by embracing mindsets, structures, and tools that will unleash a revolutionary way of working. Get twice as much work done in half the amount of time with clear structure, roles and decision rights. Create a set of common rules that empower teams to build trust and autonomy. Embrace diverse skills and perspectives at the nuclear level to bring your ideas to fruition, faster. 

To achieve this, my approach brings change through organizational transformation, design, and team development. 

It is time for a radical shift. The future of work is here.



Become more agile, innovative, and inclusive throughout your orgnization across teams, cultures, and regions 


Embrace a new operating model that clarifies team structure, roles, and decision rights that are transparent across your organization 


Create a dynamic organizational culture by coaching teams and leaders to thrive in change and uncertainty

A new approach is needed


Changing the way we work together requires a great deal of empathy and responsiveness. In order to thrive in an ever-changing world, organizations must embrace uncertainty by improving agility. Working side-by-side, together we will co-develop and bring tailored practices, behaviors, and structures to enhance your ability to sense and respond quickly to changes, challenges, and opportunities.  


Dismantle traditional hierarchies


This work intentionally breaks down traditional "command and control" dynamics within organizations and gives teams greater clarity and autonomy over their work. Together, we will rethink structure, roles, and decision rights. New principles empower leaders  and teams to do their most critical, innovative work.


Enable grassroots change


Each organization and every team has its own culture, values, business challenges and realities. Successful transformation must be designed with and for the people of the organization. By coaching teams and leaders to embrace a human-centered approach to change management, they lead the charge to design their own culture transformation.