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I’m so excited!

Switching gears a bit - these last 7 days continue to remind me why I do this work. Why understanding diverse opinions and including every voice is so important now more than ever. As I begin to process the horrific acts of terror that happened in Charlottesville last weekend, I am even more determined to continue to undue the microaggressions, oppressive mindsets, and gender inequalities that happen to people at work every day in every industry. I believe every organization is responsible for undoing racism and tackling unconscious biases because everyone deserves a job and a safe workplace.

If you are like me, I know you have been distracted at work and have been struggling to focus throughout the day. I encourage you to take the time to find a way to relieve stress and recenter and continue onwards for tomorrow.


This Week's Links 🔗 and Love ❤️

Listen to This 🎧

Ever imagine me as an afro-rocking astronaut? Wait no longer! I had the honor and privilege of sitting down with the women of She Geeks Out to talk about diversity, inclusion, and the work that’s necessary to make real organizational change. Timely, right? I also share a lot about my journey to and experiences so far at August. Take a listen to the full episode of the podcast and take a look at this crazy video on my About page.

Resources for You in Response to Charlottesville ✊🏽

  • Not many people truly understand the history of racism in America. This NYT article breaks it down in 24 digestible chapters. Read + Share. LINK
  • Want to join the resistance to stand up against racists and white supremacists? Find an organization near you at Indivisible. LINK.
  • Do you hold power and influence inside of your company? Get started at transforming your company into a more equitable organization by using this model shared by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. LINK

Other Reads This Week 🤓

  • The Google diversity manifesto was a mess and freedom of speech at work has become a nationwide discussion. What are companies to do? LINK
  • Are D&I programs inside of big tech companies good enough? Examples like Google remind us that tech companies might need to prioritize focusing even more on addressing hidden biases. LINK.
  • What’s happening to affirmative action in this country? A group of Asian American students are suing Harvard for discriminatory policies. LINK.