Blog Post - Lesbians Who Tech NYC Summit Edition!

Joyeux Dimanche- That’s French for Happy Sunday!


You’re thinking, “Why French Krys?” - I am currently in the south of France working on a new project with a new client based here for the next 6 months and I’m SO excited! I’ll still be bringing you goodies every two weeks, but I might be a teensy bit slow responding to emails!


This week I want to bring you some highlights from the Lesbians Who Tech Summit that took place last weekend in NYC! This conference is still my favorite professional conference because it is filled with queer, inclusive, and badass individuals that is a unique, welcoming experience of community building and friendship.

Left to Right: August Team Members - Jessie, Krys (me), Sasha, and Monique

Left to Right: August Team Members - Jessie, Krys (me), Sasha, and Monique

I was truly blown away by the speaker line up this year - Candidate for Governor, Stacy Abrams, NY Times best selling author, Luvvie Ajayi, Standing Rock Activist and Leader Pearl Means - The Lesbians Who Tech Summit continues to bring talented people from all industries to share incredibly insightful lessons for everyone.


One talk in particular that really hits home to NYC was that of my colleague and friend, Sasha Ahuja. During her talk, Waitin o 042: ndoin acis u rganizations, u ifetime  she spoke about the massive workplace shifts of the 20th and 21st centuries. This is what we know:


Our workplaces of the early 20th century were designed for the industrial era during a post WWII, Jim Crow-segregated nation. We now live in a fast-paced, uncertain technology-driven world that has shifted how we live and work, yet racial segregation and racism still exists in our societies and workplaces. Research has shown that by 2042 white people in America will become the racial minority.  Companies must prepare for this shift now by improving policies and hiring for the future, today.


Sasha also shared some insights. First, you have to keep a mindset that diversity and inclusion has no manual, you are going to get it wrong - it’s imperative to try something, however. When you start to tackle diversity in the workplace you should start with race. The United States was built on genocide of Native people, slavery, racial segregation, and mass incarceration - race is built into the core of our country. Next, remember that hiring for diversity and inclusion is not undoing racism - undoing racism is lifelong work that starts with at the individual level.


She insists to get started one must normalize, organize and galvanize. Normalize the conversation of race by doing the individual work to understand racism and racial segregation, organize resource groups and engage others to learn from and do this work with you, then galvanize by engaging your community to find candidates to bring into your organizations such as city universities and colleges local technical schools or institutions local to the community that represent the diversity that your city represents. For the entire talk, check out this amateur video (taken by me), the slides, and speaker notes all on the August public google drive.

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Way to go Sasha, and all of the other speakers at this year’s Lesbians Who Tech NYC Summit! - High Five, Fist Bump, Secret Handshake! -Write here...