Try a Workshop with Your Team!

Most of you know this, I work at a company called August! Ever wonder why the founders named the company August? We’ve heard some really funny guesses, the best I’ve heard is that someone researched for the word august in the dictionary and found this definition: respected and impressive.

Well, now that is true and all but the name of the business came because the founders started the company in August - which means, IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! #turnup

beyonce birthday.gif

Speaking of celebrations, last week at the office we had a special guest, Alison Coward, founder of Bracket Creative, join us all the way from London. She shared some tips about how to facilitate great workshops and be more creative with your team.


We get it. Meetings are tough. We’re stuck in meetings back to back all day with barely enough time to grab lunch, then the first time we get a break to do work it’s 6pm. What if instead, our teams got together regularly, as an entire working team, and had more focused, purposeful meetings in the form of workshops? You might be thinking, “oh no! Workshops take forever to plan and take so much time out of the day.” Well, typically yes, that’s true, but a workshop could just be repurposing an existing meeting on your calendar to a more creative session where your team shares ideas, collectively, and turns them into actions.


Alison believes that good workshops are the catalyst to great projects, and great projects - where everyone is allowed to be creative and open, collectively - as a result, creates a better team culture. She insists that workshops encourage teams to create together, they force teams to collaborate in a different way, and (with the help of a great facilitator) you get fresh, rich ideas where everyone has the ability to contribute. As a result, teams are able to generate better content together, faster; they have clarity on the work when everyone knows the next steps ahead; and teams are more motivated and engaged in their work.

So why not try a simple creative workshop with your team? Alison has free resources for you to get started on the resources section of her website including free guides, templates, and a podcast, ya’ll! Get to it - try something!